Devil Yellow Sun EP

by Small Town Glow

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released April 11, 2016

Guitar and Vocals: Josh Robin
Drums: Curt Mulick
Bass, Backing Vocals, Synth: Jason Brown
All songs written by Josh Robin
Recorded at Edie Road and Starling Studios
Produced and Mastered by Jason Brown



all rights reserved


Small Town Glow Troy, New York

Formerly Gusto, Small Town Glow is the ongoing musical evolution of New York Based artist Josh Robin.

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Track Name: Devil Yellow Sun
Yea the sun scarred the sky
I was having a laugh
I was walking on the beach
burning the soles of my feet
I was smoking some smokables
from a cherry colored pipe
I was breathing the salt
sent from the waves to the sky
And I can ignore
what I’ve got in the mail
But I can’t ignore
Just how nice it’s outside
I was checking out girls
I was wearing my shades
Their UV protection
works best in the day

There was a devil yellow sun
a devil yellow sun
there was a devil yellow sun
burning a hole in my brain
There was a devil yellow sun
a devil yellow sun
I’m a devil yellow sun
Burning holes in my brain.

And everything is perfect
and everything is great
I guess I only have to choose
which dark or light drink I’ll take
and everyone is a passerby
and everyone's a laugh
I don’t care about systems
I don’t care about cash
Track Name: Wheel of Life
Feel free
I don't mind if you wanna stay it's ok
You make me feel like lying down
And I say I won't, but I will unwind.
I've been to hell and back and I know which way
I know which way I've been.
And I know the way you're looking back at me again
And she says ... she says "baby don't go".
But over there is the love I need
and it keeps me safe I hope it never goes
It's where I'll go if you leave

Maybe the dinner bell is an alarm clock beep
and I feel asleep, I feel asleep and this is all a dream.
I don't wanna wake, I don't wanna open my eyes.
I don't want to wake up cause when I do
I know that I won't be next to you
I never meant for me to fall asleep last night.
Track Name: Waste
My sweet Elijah
I wish you didn't go
stare out my window ... still

My sweet Elijah
I've got not will to clean
all of the flowers died.

Small men they come by
they ask 'where did you roam?'
"out where the men play guns".

Oh, how your eyes laid waste to me.

Look at the sky and
hope that you're sky's the same
filled with red leaves not bombs

Oh how your eyes laid waste to me.
Track Name: The One
Lovely bones don't you know that I cannot pretend
to like the way you fall
and all the wrong people laugh
but I don't want you to feel
Shake with me
cause I know you want to be
right in this walk with
all the things, my life, the games
and then you say it's a play, yea?

Cause I'm faced with the one
the one you throw.

Chase me to the bar and say
"safe has been my nights and day,
love the people love the hurt"
oh...I don't care.

Cause I'm face with the one
the one you throw.
Track Name: Over
She's a thief
she had me with the grin
drawn to the wolves in the waves drowning men
the sign says 'threat'
I've lost the will
I know that's my parade and now I
can't understand, to wait or stay
this feeling that is so oh no oh no
I'm with the wolf and I can feel her teeth sink in
I know it's over.
Come along with me
she takes me by the hand
keep my will, within your reigns
I feel that I'm in hell I know this air I need
is draining fast and
I can't breath and I cant see
I can't breath and I cant see
I can't breath and I cant see
I know that's it's all over, over.